Missing Horse-Loving Cat Disappears, Found on top of Another Horse

Noodles the cat lived with his human, Ann Kandis, on their farm in Geneseo, Illinois. Cats and horses are famously companions to each other and Noodles was often seen on the backs of Kandis’s horses.

In November of 2018, Noodles hid in the trunk of Kandis’s father’s car, then jumped out and ran away when he opened the trunk some distance from the farm. Kandis conducted a thorough search, but could not locate Noodles until three years later on last Christmas Eve.

The Quad-City Times reports that a relative told Kandis that a horse farm five miles away posted photos of their own cats on horses—including a cat that looked exactly like Noodles. That’s because it was Noodles.

Kandis and her son visited the farm and Noodles walked right up to them.

Nonetheless, Noodles, who is now named Max, is staying at his new home. He’s been there for three years, so he’s moved on with a new family. But Kandis and her family are welcome to visit him.

-via AP Oddities | Photo: Dr. Ann Kandis

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