Meet Sally the Mermaid Cat

Eight years ago, Janez Jeretič walked through a park and found what he thought was a dead cat. She wasn't dead, but she was paralyzed from a gunshot wound. Jeretič took the cat to veterinary care and adopted her. Since then, Sally has been the beloved princess of his household. Even though the article about her says that Sally is paralyzed from the neck down, she has use of her front paws.

The reason Sally got the moniker "mermaid cat" is the distinctive mermaid tale Jeretič made for her. He thought of it because Sally "looks so graceful and beautiful." She only wears it for photographs, though. Sally gets around in a custom set of wheels!

Jeretič hopes that Sally's social media presence will inspire other people to care for special needs cats. You can see more of Sally at Instagram. -via Fark 

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