Lifeguards Rescue a Desperate Cat from River

Great Yarmouth in England is where the River Bure empties into the sea on that country's east coast. We don't know the circumstances that yeeted a cat into the river, but it was seen clinging to a river wall with no way to escape the water. A Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) crew responded, and the cat started swimming to the lifeboat as soon as he saw it. The crewmen lifted the cat from the river and quickly wrapped it in a towel before returning to shore. The cat was eventually identified as Icicle, and was reunited with his family. 

The RNLI is a charity founded in 1824 to patrol the coasts of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man to rescue those in distress. It is staffed by volunteers who are paid by local authorities and is supported by donations. The TikTok video will be featured in the BBC TV show Saving Lives At Sea on August 25. -via Fark 

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