Las Vegas K9 Officer Nuggetz Uncovers $10.5 Million Worth of Cocaine in a Truck Loaded With Tomatoes

As the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said, “The nervous driver had a story that didn’t add up,” — and K9 Officer Nuggetz confirmed it.

The police dog alerted officers to $10.5 million worth of cocaine hidden in a truckload of produce, after being called in when Las Vegas Metro initially stopped the truck for erratic driving at 2:30 a.m. on a Friday. A search revealed 230 pounds of narcotics in a “load of tomatoes,” police said.

The two identified men, Nanak Singh and Chandra Prakash, were arrested on charges of trafficking a controlled substance.

Meanwhile, Nuggetz, the cool dog who nabbed the criminals, was celebrated as a hero on Facebook. This doggo really deserves some extra treats!

Image credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

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