Kitten Rescued from Pepsi Vending Machine

Lindsay Russell was taking a break from her job at Walmart in Morristown, Tennessee, when she heard a noise coming from the soda vending machine. There was a kitten inside! Russell reached in but couldn't grasp the kitten. Her co-workers tried, too, but had no better luck. Then the employees called the Morristown Fire Department, while the kitten continued to mewl in distress.

Firefighters unplugged the Pepsi machine and partially dismantled it, and ended up coaxing the kitten out through the machinery. The operation took about ten minutes after the fire department arrived. Firefighters joked that the kitten should be named "Pepsi." Russell, an animal lover, took their advice to heart and took little Pepsi home as her own. You can read the entire story at CNN. -via reddit ā€‹

(Image credit: City of Morristown - Government

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