Jenny the Horse Goes for Walk Every Morning in Frankfurt all by Herself

Germany — As Werner Weischedel opens the stable door early in the morning, the Arabian mare Jenny goes out from her home to walk around the Fechenheim district of Frankfurt. The townspeople are no strangers to Jenny, and they greet her when they encounter her. Those who meet her the first time, meanwhile, can read the sign on her harness, which read, "I didn't run away. I'm just going for a walk. Thank you."

Weischedel isn't worried about the 22-year-old mare. He says that Jenny knows where the best grass is growing, and she "knows everybody" in the neighborhood, too!

Talk about being independent.

Jenny was also seen last year walking on the streets during the lockdown.

(Image Credit: AP Archive via YouTube)

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(Video Credit: AP Archive via YouTube)

(Video Credit: Young Post via YouTube)

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