Iguana Pops Out of Toilet in Florida Home

When Camille Hire was putting her son to bed, she noticed the iguana in the toilet, which sprang out with its claws and face. After a terrifying experience with the reptile, she immediately alerted her husband.

Oliver Hire attempted to remove the iguana after being told by his wife to return home as soon as possible. But when he was unable to capture the iguana, he contacted Harold Rondan of the Iguana Lifestyle. Rondan was able to solve the problem the next morning without causing any injury.

Iguanas are an invasive species in the United States. According to Rondan, iguanas can enter your home by slithering into a roof vent or a vent pipe on top of your roof. He suggested covering the pipes to avoid an unwelcome guest. 

Image: Iguana Lifestyles

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