How to Rub a Cat's Belly Without Being Attacked

When you meet a cat, you might find yourself with an overwhelming urge to pet its soft, furry tummy. If you know anything at all about cats, you'll stop yourself before trying, because it could lead to disaster. Rubbing a cat's belly is the Holy Grail of human-cat interaction, because not only is it soft, warm, and furry, but being allowed to do it is a sure sign that the cat likes you. In real life, it's much more likely that a cat who presents it tummy to you is daring you, or even baiting you, into a situation where they can cause real damage to your arm.

Dr. Uri Burstyn, the Helpful Vancouver Vet, explains why a cat is so protective of its underside, and how you can get a cat to trust you enough to pet its belly. He makes it look easy, but you have to remember he is a cat whisperer and an expert. Your mileage may vary. You can skip the first three minutes of the video to get to the subject matter at hand.

You may recall Dr. Burstyn as the vet who popularized the phrase "Squish that cat." ā€‹

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