How About an Advent Calendar for Your Dog?

Whether or not you subscribe to the customs and rituals surrounding Advent, you already know that it involves a calendar with something for every day. For adults, that's a bit of wisdom to contemplate, and for kids, that means a small daily treat to help count down the days until Christmas. What if you want to bestow treats and don't have kids? Then you'll be glad to know there are plenty of Advent calendars designed for your beloved canine friend. Yes, Advent calendars for dogs.

While we can't assume that dogs have a concept of Christmas like we do, they certainly enjoy the lights, decorations, food, and smells of our celebration. Giving them a treat may help temper the temptation to ruin those decorations and foods. Besides that, these Advent calendars can make a fine Christmas decoration on their own! Read about five such Advent calendars, or more correctly, four Advent calendars and an eight-day collection of Hanukkah dog treats, at Jezebel. Read about ten of them at Daily Paws

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