Hospital Staff Saves Kitten

During shift change last Sunday night at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey, some of the nurses heard a cry from the sewer behind the ambulance bay. A kitten had fallen in! It was all hands on deck in the emergency department. Trauma nurses, EMTs, and other staff members, about 15 people in all, worked to remove the grate. Then they jumped down into the drain and lured the kitten out of hiding with turkey and cat food. The entire operation took about two hours, a sizable commitment from a group of people who had just finished their hospital shifts.

Trauma nurse Heather Hendrickson quickly swaddled the kitten like a newborn baby to secure him. Another nurse had happened to be looking for a kitten for her family, and agreed to adopt the kitten. He is now named Trent, after the city of Trenton. -via Fark ā€‹

(Screenshot from WPVI)

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