He Built an Elevator for His Elderly Cat

Liam Thompson has a cat named Frodo who is almost 20 years old. Frodo likes to sun himself on the deck, which means negotiating a flight of stairs. Now, a cat that age should be able to do what makes him happy, but the stairs were getting to be problem. So Thompson built Frodo an elevator!

This contraption would be more accurately called an incline railway, but it gets the job done. Frodo was very chill about the new gadget and took the ride as his due, but Thompson was ecstatic that it worked. Now he just needs to figure out a way for Frodo to let him know he needs a ride up to the house, like a bell or something, or better yet, a weight sensor that will activate it after a few seconds of being occupied. We hope Frodo gets a lot of use out of it. -via Digg 

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