Eight Cats Cats Compete in Obstacle Course Tournament

Youtuber Kittisaurus has ten cats. She staged an obstacle course competition for eight of them: DD, TT, Momo, Lala, Lulu, Coco, Chuchu, and Dodo. Toto and Nana got to sit this one out. The cats need to make it through two shallow ball pits before their rival to advance to the next round, which has added obstacles. the difficulty is that they are cats. Cats may understand the concepts of competition and motivation, but they don't really care all that much. Some of these cats decide that the only way to win the game is to not play at all. Others are distracted. Many are confused. 

Then again, these cats have dealt with staged obstacles quite a few times before, and they probably know that when the human has cameras placed in the hall, they are expected to go down the hall. They no doubt all got rewarded for trying, even the ones that didn't.

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