Eagle Nest Cam: Live Feed of Wild Bald Eagle Nest in Florida Shows Ron and Rita with their Eaglet Chicks

In the spring of 2021, heavy storms caused a bald eagle’s nest perched high up in a pine tree in Miami-Dade County in Florida to fail. Two baby eagles fell to the ground, and sadly one didn’t survive.

Worried that the bald eagle pair, a male named Ron and a female named Rita, would try to rebuild the old nest (and have it fail again), Ron Magill of ZooMiami and Lloyd Brown from Wildlife Rescue Dade County got permission from the authorities to install a sturdy platform out of a wooden Papasan chair part, plastic mesh, small sticks and dried grasses. They also installed a camera so they can monitor the bald eagles more easily.

In November and December of 2021, Rita laid three eggs, which hatched into eaglets that you can see on the live webcam!

​If you’re wondering where the nest is located, that information is not released to the public to protect the birds.  More information about Ron and Rita’s nest can be found at Zoo Miami.

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