Dog Brings His Mom Things She Needs While in the Shower

Fin is a very good boy. He supports his packmates in all of their projects, even the very weird ones, such as standing in a small room that gets wet. Why do they do this? Fin does not understand and neither do we.

This does not stop him from bringing his human, Vee Thayer, useful tools while showering. She tells The Dodo that he has delivered to her coathangers, a roll of duct tape, a bottle of shampoo, a swimsuit, tongs, socks, a pack of post-it notes, and his bed.

Finn takes a diferent approach with the resident male human. When the man gets home from work, Fin delivers toys to a particular area of the living room floor. His daily quest is to find the right toy that will induce the man to come to the living room.

You can see photos of Fin’s work product at The Dodo.

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