Dexter the Wandering Scottish Cat Rescued from Offshore Platform

Workers at an offshore platform in the North Sea were surprised to find a one-eyed black cat suddenly in their midst. The cat had been a stowaway in a container that had been shipped from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. After feeding the cat, the workers contacted the Scottish SPCA in Aberdeen, who sent a helicopter out to the platform to retrieve the cat. With a little digging, the shelter found out that the cat had been hanging around the Grampian prison in Peterhead for several years, where the staff called him "one-eyed Joe".

But there was more to the cat's story than that. When SPCA staff checked the cat for a microchip, they found that his name was Dexter, and he had been missing from his family for five years! They contacted Dexter's owner, Bridie Dorta, who was shocked to hear that her cat had been found after so long. "He's always been a wanderer," she said. That seems to be quite the understatement. Read Dexter's story at BBC Scotland.  -via Strange Company ā€‹

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