Cody the Laundromat Dog Loves Taking Naps on Top of the Washers

Every night, Cody, an 8-year-old golden retriever, is seen on top of the washing machines of Larkin Street Laundromat. He either greets you with his pouty face or takes a nap cozily in its self-proclaimed bed. Cody routinely does this while his dad cleans and organizes the laundromat, especially during closing hours.

Stephanie, the owner’s daughter, said to The Dodo, “After we tried to get him to just sit on the chairs, he figured out a way to climb from the chair to the smaller washers and then to the bigger ones. He’s a little lazier than our old dog, so he’d rather lay down and wait for pets and treats.”

Cody is an attraction in the laundromat as he serves as a distraction for the customers while waiting for their clothes to finish up. At the same time, the good boy can be a watchman that can see the things around the place, thanks to his discovered domain on top of the washers.

Image: @codytheretriever/Instagram

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