Cat Mauled by Dogs Finds a Happy Home

On March 22, two boys walking two dogs allowed, even encouraged, the dogs to attack a cat. Philadelphia residents were shocked to see the security footage. The cat was apparently a stray, and was taken to the Pennsylvania SPCA with serious injuries. A couple of days later, a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old were brought to the SPCA by their parents and have been charged with various animal cruelty violations. The SPCA also confiscated the dogs.

The cat was given the name Buddy. Buddy's story was shared nationwide, and his supporters gave $130,000 in donations for his veterinary care and the care of other abused animals. Fans kept an eye out for buddy as he recovered. Buddy's story has a happy ending, as he has found a forever home. Katie Venanzi was the veterinarian who saved Buddy's life, then she and her husband David became his foster family, and are adopting him. You can continue to follow Buddy in his new home at Instagram

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