Big-eyed Cat Becomes Mayor of Hell

Jinx is an internet cat celebrity, with plenty of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. She lives in California, with her human, Mia. Jinx showed up in Mia's back yard as a tiny kitten, but as she grew it became apparent that her eyes were unusually big, and her feet are large and "wonky", although that doesn't slow her down. Mia thought Jinx has what it takes to be a politician. Upon learning that anyone can be mayor of Hell, Michigan, for a day, she signed Jinx up.

The thing is that no one has been mayor of Hell for a day who wasn't human. But since there is no official rule against it, Jinx was added to the lineup. She will preside over Hell on Sunday, April 24, by remote linkup and livestream the experience on Twitch. Read more about Jinx and her upcoming reign over Hell at Michigan Live. -via Fark 

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