Behind the Scenes at a Cat Show

We all know what to expect of a dog show, because some of them are broadcast to the world. That's not quite the case with cat shows, which cater more to a large but intimate world of cat lovers. The cat competitors are trained to be at ease in their cages and in the judging ring, but they still want to play with anything that moves, including nearby cats. However, as laid back as the cats and their owners are, the judges take their tasks quite seriously.

Personality plays no part in judging the best of the cat breeds. A cat can be sound asleep while the judges check whether the jawline is just right, or the cat's hair is tipped with the proper color for its breed. The judges have committed to memory the standards for 42 breeds recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association. But then there's the household pet division, where personality comes into play, as well as cleanliness and health. That's the division the judges enjoy the most, and so do the spectators.

Get a look at what goes on at a cat show from the perspective of a cat lover journalist attending her first cat show, from the qualifications of the judges to the training of show kittens, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's CBS station. -via Fark 

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