Baby Possum Hitched a Ride with a Dog

It’s true, you can find just about anything on the internet. This time, it’s an unusual kinship struck between the unlikeliest two creatures, a dog… and a possum.

TikTok user @dukeofhawthorn recently shared a clip featuring her dog Duke and a possum that clung to him while the canine was out in the backyard. She was calling the dog to go back in the house when she spotted a strange black something hanging in the front of Duke’s body. Upon close inspection, the black spot turned out to be a baby possum who somehow had found itself entangled in Duke’s fur.

Duke’s owner immediately set the possum free and encourage it to scurry back to the wild, which upset her dog a little, she said in the video’s comment section.

The adorable clip has raked in over 100,000 likes and nearly 3000 comments on TikTok. 

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