An Old TV Cabinet Makes a Delightful Cat Bed

This is Audrey's cat Mipha modeling her new custom-made bedroom. Audrey's dad, Tor, bought a vintage cabinet-style television set at an estate sale, and removed the picture tube to make a cat cubbyhole for Audrey's three cats, Noodle, Juniper, and Mipha. But he went further and used a decorative stove pipe flue cover over the hole in the back left by the cathode ray tube, and then added an overhead light inside with a dimmer! You can control the light with the television's brightness knob. Yes, we used to have knobs for such things.

Then he added Mipha's favorite bed an a little catnip, and she's found her place. You can see more of the TV bed, Mipha, and the other cats at Digg. 

It turns out that quite a few non-working appliances are just the right size to use as a fancy cat bed.

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