An International Cat Rescue

This is Max, a Maine coon cat who lives in Bucha, Ukraine, with Alena Kukuruzka. You can see how big Max is by the horseshoe for scale. He is also badass for wearing a Batman insignia. When the Russian army approached Bucha, Kukuruzka and her young son were evacuated to the Czech Republic. They were not able to take Max with them. Then Max disappeared from Bucha, most likely carried off by a Russian soldier. Kukuruzka issued an internet appeal to find her cat. 

A few weeks later, locals in Gomel, Belarus, noticed a wandering cat with a Batman collar. Max had traveled 300 kilometers from Bucha! Animal rescue volunteers there traced the cat to his owner, and then called Kukuruzka in the Czech Republic. Kukuruzka got a message:

“Your contacts were on the pendant, we didn’t know whether to call or not, how you would react to Belarusians, after everything that was happened,” the girl on the other end of the phone said, throwing off a photo of Max and a collar with a pendant.

Volunteers prepared Max with a passport and managed to send him through Poland to Czechia, where he was reunited with Kukuruzka 80 days after they were separated by war. You'll find the full story at the Facebook group Ukraine Animal Rescue Information. -via Everlasting Blort 

(Image credit: Alena Kukuruzka

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