Man Rides The Train With A Puppy In His BackpackLook, we love adorable puppy videos as much as the next person does. This one though? This one we really love! It’s always a joy to see how a pet and its human parent adjust and do their best to be comfortable during a trip. It sparks more enjoyment and serotonin if we see the animals look so comfortable and happy.A video posted on an Instagram page called Pet Town gained a lot of attention because it shows a puppy sitting inside a backpack while riding a train with its human. It certainly induced a lot of cooing from the general Internet user base. The page captioned the footage with “pure love,” as the puppy can be seen enjoying a nap inside the bag of the commuter, who was also sleeping. Check the video here for an instant happiness boost to your day!Image credit: Pet Town/Instagram #pets #dogs #puppies #train #commuting #adorable
Railway Cats: How Stray Cats Saved The Diorama Restaurant in Japan from the PandemicThe Railway Cats Diorama Restaurant, located in Osaka, Japan was close to being shut down due to the pandemic. But thanks to stray cats that the owner, railway model enthusiast Naoki Teraoka saved, that all changed.Teraoka opened the miniature train model-themed restaurant in 2018. Due to the global pandemic, his business was on the brink of being shut down. The stray cat and its family that Teraoka rescued, however, provided the life his business needed. The cats started climbing, lounging, and sleeping on his miniature train models. Teraoka started taking photos of the cats and posting the images on the restaurant’s Instagram account. The photos attracted a lot of attention of people on the Internet, which gave his restaurant the customers it needed!Image credit: diorama_syokudou/IG#cat #restaurant #train #modeltrain #DioramaRestaurant #Osaka #Japan
Boji the Stray Dog Rides the Public Transport in Istanbul Every DayIt looks like humans aren’t the only ones who like to travel.Come meet Boji! A local stray dog in Istanbul has captured the hearts and attention of many. He is an incredibly smart dog that likes to travel alone in Istanbulby using public transport such as the Metro, Tram Line, and even the railway.Boji was noticed by the locals after seeing him ride the metro, trains, and even the ferry all alone. They noticed that he even knew the rules of public transport, seeing as how he gave way to disembarking passengers, waited for them, and entered the train after it had fully emptied.The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to attach a tracker to observe how far he walked because of this. This came out to be about 27 to 30 kilometers every day. Boji has lately been properly tested, and the results show that he has had all his health examinations and has previously been sterilized. Finally, a slew of social media accounts has been set up to track down Boji's whereabouts, since passengers enjoy his companionship while on the road.Images by: boji_ist#Dog #Istanbul #Travel #publictransport #train