The Giraffes that Rode Out a HurricaneIn 1938, the San Diego Zoo acquired two giraffes from east Africa. Getting the giraffes from Kenya to California was a monumental task, especially once the ship they were on encountered the Great Hurricane of 1938. They survived, although the female was injured. But that was only the beginning of their long journey, as they had to undergo quarantine and then ride across the US by truck. The giraffes weren't all that keen on the trip, but Lofty and Patches became superstars along the way. The History Guy tells the story of the giraffes that made their mark on American history. -via Fark#giraffe #hurricane #SanDiegoZoo
San Diego Zoo Scientists Release Endangered Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs into the WildHere’s to re-establishing animal populations in the wild!To drive the mountain yellow-legged frogs back from extinction, scientists from the San Diego Zoo reintroduced 253 frogs they bred back into the forests. These amphibians are endangered, along with 41 percent of all other species because of climate change. They will visit the released amphibians again after winter to determine how many survive. Check the video above to see the entire process!#AnimalConservation #Frogs #Amphibians #SanDiegoZoo #MountainYellowLeggedFrogs
Cute Coconut Crab Chowing Down a CoconutCall him a coconut crab, robber crab, or a palm thief, but don't call him late for dinner. This huge and super strong land crab is related to the hermit crab. While they are not the biggest crabs in the world, they are right there up there with biggest. They are, however, the biggest land-dwelling arthropod.