The Pit Bull That Raised a RaccoonA baby raccoon later named Eto was found in a car's wheel well last year. He was taken the House of Oakley, a home in the woods of British Columbia where wild animals can be fostered. Eto immediately took up with the family's pit bull Ashlyn the Wonder Dog, who had already been a foster mom to quite a few raccoons and squirrels. The pit bull and the baby raccoon bonded quite well. Ashlyn is a free-range dog, and took it upon herself to show Eto love and affection, and how to navigate his way through the forest. As he grew, Eto spent more and more time outdoors, learning the ways of dogs and raccoons. Eto has since transitioned to living in the wild just fine.
The Funniest Animals From the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsThe Comedy Wildlife Photography Awardscompetition has just released their 2021 finalists for the world's funniest animals, so how could we not post it on Supa Fluffy?The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards competition was started 7 years ago back in 2015 by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE. Tom Sullam and Michelle Wood joined in afterwards and the founders grew the online award to a tradition that people all over the world look forward to every year.In addition to photographs, this year's competition also has funny animals caught on video. This one above is from "Hugging best friend after lockdown" by Rahul Lakhmani.More than 7,000 photographs were submitted to the competition and a total of 42 photographs were selected as finalists. The category and overall winners will be announced on October 22, 2021.#FunnyAnimals #ComedyWildlifePhotographyAwardTake a look at our favorite funny animals and finalists 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards below: