What Grandma Wants, Grandma GetsA dog's loyalty is worth its weight in gold. This golden retriever has a favorite human, and he always takes her side. She doesn't even have to say a word! He will solve any dispute in grandma's favor, and don't even think about hogging her food- you could be banished from her presence for good, or at least until she finishes her pineapple. That's a good dog. -via Boing Boing​#Dog #loyalty #goldenretriever
Golden Retrievers Being Adorable GoofballsGolden retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world for pets. They were originally hunting dogs, but are so sweet-tempered that people keep them around just for love and laughs. Their temperaments make them ideal guide dogs, too. But while goldens are friendly, loyal, and hard working, they are prone to brain farts, especially when they are in "play mode." The video compilation above is a tribute to their everlasting goofiness and entertainment value, whether as puppies or as adult dogs. You can tell yourself you will only watch a little of it, but you won't be able to stop. Then if you still want more golden retrievers, watch another compilation from Puppies Planet. -via Boing Boing#dog #goldenretriever #compilation
Golden Retriever Insists on Human Coming out to PlayNow, see, this is why I get toy breeds. My Pomeranian is incapable of dragging me outside. Never buy a pet that can take you in a fight.This Golden Retriever is named Katie-potatie. She lives in Ontario. She saw an old friend for the first time in three months and insisted that she join her outside to play in the snow. It was -18° Celsius (that’s 0° in American), which is slightly cool by Canadian standards. Still, the human resisted Katie-potatie’s efforts although not every effectively. Perhaps she would have been willing to lose the sweatshirt if she wasn’t being recorded.-via Born in Space#dog #GoldenRetriever #snow
Finley the Golden Retriever Holds the Guinness World Record for Most Tennis Balls Held in the Mouth by a DogFinley, with his human owner Erin Molloy, obtained the record for the most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog, with six balls at the same time. This golden retriever joined the Molloy family as a puppy in 2014, and he really loves to do many activities such as swimming, playing fetch, rolling around in the snow during winter, and chasing animals wandering in their garden. Finley started holding four tennis balls when he was around two years-old, and he was first seen to carry six in 2017.“My dad would throw him a tennis ball, he’d catch it, drop it, then wait for my dad to throw another. Rather than bringing just one ball back to my dad, he brought back all six! He’s been a ball hoarder for quite some time now!” said Erin.She applied the record in the Guinness World Records website, beating the previous record of five tennis balls by another Golden Retriever named Augie in 2003. After setting the record, Finley gained many followers on his Instagram page.“I hope people look at Finley and see pure joy and really understand that he’s the happiest dog. He not only brings joy to his family, but people all over the world.“Image: Dominic Punt#GoldenRetriever #dog #WorldRecord #GuinnessWorldRecords #TennisBalls