Man Caught Record-Breaking 140-lb PaddlefishPittsfield’s Jim Dain has just broken a Missouri record for snagging a 140-pound paddlefish at the Lake of the Ozarks - the biggest ever caught. The catch broke a previous record set in 2015. That time it was a 140-pound, 9-ounces fish caught on Table Rock Lake.Dain caught the fish during a fishing trip with his family. He almost didn’t sail that day due to the fickle weather. Luckily, he decided to go anyway. Upon snagging the fish, a fellow fisherman told Dain that he might need to notify the state for a potential record breaking catch. And indeed it was, the record was certified soon after. Missouri state record fish are recognized in two categories: pole-and-line and alternative methods. After all the process, Dain went on to enjoy his catch with his family. It’s safe to say they’re going to be eating paddlefish for a while.Image: Missouri Department of Conservation#paddlefish #fishing
Rare Piebald Blue Catfish Caught and Released Back into Mississippi RiverChad Hester, together with his friend, was overnight fishing in the Mississippi River in Missouri when they caught a very rare catfish that put them into shock. “I freaked out,” he said. “I was like ‘Holy cow.’” Hester was using Asian carp as bait, and he caught a “one-in-a-million” piebald blue catfish.Piebalds look like ordinary blue catfish, but their white and black markings make them distinct. Their appearance puts them at a disadvantage in the wild as it allows them to be more obvious to predators, making them rare.After getting the fish, Hester immediately took photos of the piebald blue catfish with himself and weighed it at 36 pounds. Then, he recorded a video of him releasing the fish back to the river.Hester said, “That way he can spread his genes in the wild, and somebody else might have the opportunity to catch him.” He plans to hire someone to create a replica of it so that he can hang it on his living room wall.Image: Chad Hester#catfish #PiebaldBlueCatfish #rare #fishing #caught
Watch This Bear Comically Slip Down a Waterfall Trying to Catch a Fish​Hunting is not an easy task, and especially not for this bear captured on camera by the National Park Service. While giving its all hunting fish, this bear misses and comically slips, falling from the lip of the waterfall all while another bear nonchalantly takes its spot. Just another day at the park.Ooooh. Bearly missed. Hey, at least you gave it your all. You go bear. You know, fishing isn’t always about the fish you catch, it’s more about the memories you make along the journey. Something like that. Or is it “when one bear slides off the falls, another fishing spot opens up?” Seems more appropriate. This has been your daily inspirational moment. Go forth and have a good one.#bear #waterfall #parks #fishing #falling Video: National Park Service