The National Zoo Welcomes Two New CheetahsThe first new cheetahs of the year were born on October 3 at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia. Four-year-old Amani gave birth to twins in her first litter. The father is seven-year-old Asante, and they are his first offspring as well. Since these cubs come from first-time parents, they are a valuable contribution to the genetic diversity of the zoo's captive breeding program. While zookeepers have yet to examine the baby cheetahs, they are keeping an eye on them by camera. You can, too, via the institute's live webcam. When Amani is comfortable leaving the cubs, they will be examined to determine their health and gender. So far, they seem to be doing just fine and Amani is very attentive to their needs. Here's a video of the cub's birth and first day.
Snow Day at the Smithsonian's National Zoo: Panda Cub Xiao Qi Ji Plays in the SnowWe can't stop laughing at this lovely and hilarious video of a big panda cub sliding down a hill on his belly.Let me introduce you to Xiao Qi Ji!On his first winter outing, the 16-month-old male giant panda cub displayed his adorable belly-sliding abilities. The first time Xiao Qi Ji saw snow was early in the morning ofJanuary 3, 2022. You can see his slight hesitation at first, but as he moved into it, he began to plow his face into the snow, roll around in it, and belly slide down towards his friend.From the looks of it, he was having a great time on his first snow day.Video by: Smithsonian's National Zoo#SnowDay #Panda #Cub #BellySlide