Spy Crab Infiltrates Annual Christmas Island MigrationThe Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis) lives on a small set of Islands in the Indian Ocean. Every year, at the beginning of the rainy season, they migrate from the forests to the shoreline, millions of them, to mate and lay eggs. This migration clashes with the residents of the island, but in recent years, islanders try to take care not to interfere with the migration. In order to study the red crabs up close, conservationists rigged up a robotic crab with a spy camera to blend in with the crabs without disrupting their natural behavior. You can see the whole sequence in the video below.We assume there was more one than one crab robot in order to film the other. Like the real crabs, the robot had to negotiate fences, cross busy roads, and avoid being eaten. This footage is part of the BBC/PBS series Spy in the Wild 2. -via Laughing Squid #crab #redcrab #ChristmasIsland #robot
Coconut Crab Tries to Steal a Golf Club and Ended Up Chopping It in Half with Its ClawsA group of golfers on Christmas Island witnessed a criminal mastermind trying to steal a golf club.This large coconut club was caught on camera as it climbed the golf club bag and took hold of a golf club. Paul Buhner, the owner of the video, said that there was old food inside the bag and that might have attracted the crab.Buhner and his friends tried to get the crab off one particular golf club but instead, the crab chopped it with its claws. After a few moments, the crab left the broken club behind and went off with the club cover.#crab #coconutcrab #golf #Australia
Cute Coconut Crab Chowing Down a CoconutCall him a coconut crab, robber crab, or a palm thief, but don't call him late for dinner. This huge and super strong land crab is related to the hermit crab. While they are not the biggest crabs in the world, they are right there up there with biggest. They are, however, the biggest land-dwelling arthropod.