Moose Dives off a Cliff into the OceanI bet that this is the first time that you will see an adventurous bull moose take a moose dive off a cliff into the ocean.On the island of Newfoundland, Canada, moose are known to be nuisance animals and their interactions are always fascinating. This particular moose, however, may have wanted to stand out or dive right into the controversy. In this video, the moose can be seen standing on the edge of a cliff, seeming like a person who contemplates life; or someone who wants to be a part of a melancholic music video. People were amazed by this and took a video of the moment when the moose suddenly took a dive. The people around the area were initially worried, but to their surprise, the moose just got back to the shore as if nothing happened. What a dive diva! ​Video credit: Alyssa Hewlett on YouTube#Animal #Canada #Moose
A Canadian Bear Tries to Steal Halloween Pumpkins off PorchWe can't help but be thrilled about celebrating and decorating our homes as Halloween approaches. However, it appears that humans aren't the only ones who are looking forward to Halloween.A surveillance camera caught a local grizzly bear from Canada munching on a pair of pumpkins. The bear decided that it wanted to eat some pumpkins that had been used as decorations outside the house, so it took them out and attempted to flee with another pumpkin. It couldn't grab it with its paws or mouth, unfortunately.As a result, after repeated efforts, it gave up and abandoned the pumpkin.Image by: Ashley Larose#PorchThief #Halloween #Bear #Pumpkin #Canada