The Cats Are Holding Their Blender HostageOn the day after Thanksgiving, Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves bought themselves a Vitamix blender as a mutual Christmas gift. It arrived on December 13th. As soon as Jessica put the box on the kitchen floor, their cat Max jumped up on it. The other two cats, George and Lando Calrission, waited their turn to sit on the box. To make a long story short, it's been almost a month now and the Vitamix blender is still in the box because there is always a cat sitting on top. As soon as one cat leaves, another takes its place. The other two cats stand guard, waiting for their chance to leap up on the box, and making sure that no one moves it. Jessica documented the stand-off as it happened on a private Facebook group, but the story leaked out when the couple informed the Vitamix company of their plight, and requested three empty boxes to use as decoys to distract the cats. The company agreed to send them, but the shipment has been delayed by winter weather. Meanwhile, the tale went viral. Why don't they just move the cats? At first, they wanted to see how long the cats would keep up the shenanigans. And there are two humans and three cats, so there's always a spare cat to hold down the box. But the Washington Post asked.The truth is, the couple says, this could be easily resolved. The cats are not particularly heavy. But they are having fun, the cats are having fun, the Internet is having fun, and people — pushed back into their houses and masks after two years of a pandemic — need fun right now. Many of the comments on Jessica’s posts express the need for something bright during the dark omicron days.“This is just so silly and sweet and kind of wholesome,” Jessica said. “And if our cats and me thinking I’m funny are providing that fun, why on Earth would we interrupt that? Like, the blender will still be there.”Read the saga of the hostage blender in its full glory, with pictures. -via Metafilter(Image credit: Jessica Gerson-Neeves)#cat #blender #hostage