Animals Like to Play, and That Includes BumblebeesWe know that dogs and cats love to play games, like fetch and catch-the-feather and even baseball andsoccer. That behavior extends to other animals, like humans. Scientists think that they are practicing skills, somewhat like human child play. But humans get a lot of enjoyment out of playing, which doesn't end in childhood. Anyone with a cat or dog knows how much fun adult pets get out of play, even if they don't spend as much time doing it as when they were puppies and kittens. A recent study shows that even bumblebees like to play! Hank Green explains the experiments that led to this conclusion, and shows us how cute they are doing it. You can also read more about the study at NPR.​#bumblebee #bee #play #experiment
Royal Bees Were Properly Informed of Queen Elizabeth's DeathJust in case anyone was wondering, the Royal Bee Keeper did properly inform the Royal Bee Hives of Queen Elizabeth's passing.According to the Daily Mail, the official Palace Beekeeper notified two hives at Clarence House and five hives at Buckingham Palace that the Queen had died. Mr. Chapple, the Royal Bee Keeper, was said to have whispered to each of them that their old mistress was dead. He also notified them that a new master was in her place.  Black mourning ribbons were then affixed to the outside of the bee boxes. Apparently it is a centuries old tradition to notify a hive when there is an important death in the family. There is a superstitious belief that the bees will leave or stop producing honey if they are not properly informed of a death or change of ownership. Clearly there was no more important death to these bees than the death of their beloved queen.     (Image Credit: John Chapple)#Bee #QueenBee #QueenElizabeth #Death #BeeKeeping