Man Rides The Train With A Puppy In His BackpackLook, we love adorable puppy videos as much as the next person does. This one though? This one we really love! It’s always a joy to see how a pet and its human parent adjust and do their best to be comfortable during a trip. It sparks more enjoyment and serotonin if we see the animals look so comfortable and happy.A video posted on an Instagram page called Pet Town gained a lot of attention because it shows a puppy sitting inside a backpack while riding a train with its human. It certainly induced a lot of cooing from the general Internet user base. The page captioned the footage with “pure love,” as the puppy can be seen enjoying a nap inside the bag of the commuter, who was also sleeping. Check the video here for an instant happiness boost to your day!Image credit: Pet Town/Instagram #pets #dogs #puppies #train #commuting #adorable
Month-Old Sumatran Tiger Cub Take Its First Wobbly Steps Outside the DenGaysha is a Sumatran tigress who lives in the ZSL London Zoo. Last December, the ten-year-old tigress gave birth to a cub. Now, Gaysha mostly stayed with her cub in their cubbing den. But on this particular sunny day last January, Gaysha decided to introduce her cub to the outside world. With some encouragement from its mother, the cub slowly but surely climbed up the small gap with its tiny paws. The cub then (presumably) dropped outside the cubbing den and into the ground outdoors.The Sumatran tiger cub in question is still unnamed, and its gender is yet to be known. One thing's for sure, though: it is one cute tiger cub!(Image Credit: ZSL - Zoological Society of London/ YouTube)#Tiger #Cute #Animals #Adorable
Dog Tried to Play Frisbee with a Statue of Abe Lincoln​Even if you give them your sweetest smile, it appears that not everyone can be persuaded to play with you, even if you’re a cute and friendly dog.That’s what Nova, a lovely one-year-old border collie, found out the hard way.Nova enjoys playing frisbee with whomever she chooses, regardless of form or size, and who has never been turned down by the person she wants to play with.  Unfortunately, this cute puppy has not been able to attract the attention of this particular the person with whom she wishes to play. Nova imagines that the statue of Abraham Lincoln may be her next playmate, but this statue, like statues everywhere, just stares at​ her with a stone-cold stare and ignores her.But thankfully, this rejection doesn’t hinder Nova from maintaining her upbeat and energetic personality and she decided to seek out another new friend instead.​​Video by: Viral Hog#BorderCollie #AbrahamLincoln #Statue #Adorable​​​​​​​​​​