When You See a Sheep Caught in a Barbed-Wire Fence

If you were driving along the countryside and saw a sheep entangled a barbed-wire fence, you'd want to help, wouldn't you? But sheep are heavy, and this one has its horns tangled in the wire. Maybe you'd call someone for help. Not this guy! ā€‹

Yeah, the person holding the camera could have helped, but it wasn't necessary. The strong and handsome young man is former rugby player Nick Cummins, known as "The Honey Badger," who once played for Australia's national team, the Wallabies. He was also on the TV show The Bachelor Australia in 2018. You may see him on various TV ads in Australia.

The fact that a celebrity was recorded rescuing an animal has caused a bit of a flutter on Twitter, with some Australians calling it a setup. Others point out that Cummins is already so famous down under that there would be no reasons at all to stage something like this. And considering his momentary confusion and time spent figuring out what to do, we are inclined to believe the moment was completely unplanned.

The cherry on top is the "baaa!" the sheep gives as he runs away. You're welcome! -via Boing Boing ā€‹

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