What a House Cat Does at Night

It's nice to have someone soft and warm to cuddle up with while you sleep, like a cat, but you can't count on a cat staying in all place that long. Minnie is a very affectionate cat. Her humans were curious about what she does while they are sleeping, and so set up a camera. What she does is her best to get close to Dad, and to get him to pay attention to her. No wonder he's so tired during the day! At least the dog stays at the foot of the bed.

You may think they should just shut the bedroom door at night. Or train the cat to leave you alone by keeping a squirt gun or a dust buster handy (your spouse would love that). My advice would be to get another cat. I have four cats, and all together they bother me only about half this much while I'm trying to sleep. -via reddit

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