Two Adorable Long-nosed, Long-legged Dogs

Claire has the mind of a poet. She also has two dogs, a borzoi the size of a horse named Abby that her partner Dom had, and together they adopted Cleo, a silken windhound about half the size of Abby, but who also has long legs and a long snout. Meet the dogs they refer to as noodles.

Well, that was fun, but not even a little bit enlightening. Let's learn more about their breeds.

That is also quite inscrutable. We'll have to dig a bit deeper to get to know these longdogs. Abby sometimes lets the world get her down.


abby is working on crying the biggest river this world has ever seen

♬ original sound - cleolonglegs

Cleo got a job as an interior design assistant. Here's how that went.

You might have gotten the idea from these videos that Claire prefers Cleo over Abby, but a video profile posted some time back by GeoBeats shows us that's not so. Not at all.

There are a lot more videos of Cleo and Abby along these lines at TikTok. 

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