Turkish Farmer Gives Cows VR Headsets to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Milk Production

Motivated by the desire to increase milk supplies, a livestock farmer in Turkey got in on the virtual reality bandwagon. He strapped his cows with VR headsets displaying rolling green pastures to give the cattle an emotional boost. 

Though borderline Black Mirror-level disturbing, the plan seemed to be working. The VR-equipped cows produced 27 liters of milk per day as compared to 22 liters turned out by the other cows in the farm. 

This unorthodox method might somehow be the answer to farmers looking to grow their production volume without adding more animals. On the other hand, knowing the cows are less productive in its VR-less state might mean the current livestock industry is treating the animals poorly. 

Cheap produce or ethical animal treatment, must we choose one?

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