Truffles the Optician Cat Wears Glasses So Kids Will Wear Theirs

You've likely seen a meme featuring an eyeglasses-wearing cat who works as an optician. It's not just a dress up session. Truffles works at A Child's Eyes, a pediatric eyewear shop in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Danielle Crull adopted a kitten from a litter of strays in 2017. She soon found that Truffles was amenable to learning tricks. When the kitten was only six months old, she tried putting a pair of the smallest eyeglass frames she had on the cat, and Truffles wore them just fine. So she was put to work in Crull's optical shop! Truffle's job is to show off how cool her glasses look, and to make children feel better about wearing theirs.

ā€‹Truffles the Kitty became famous for her efforts. She gladly wears an eyepatch to encourage children with amblyopia, what we once called lazy eye. She founded an organization to spread awareness of good vision, encourage vision testing, and help families afford their child's first eyeglasses. Truffles ran a campaign for president, because the time was right: 20/20. But when the pandemic hit, Truffles found a new purpose. It was a small leap from wearing glasses to wearing a mask, and she showed children how easy it is. You can follow Truffles' adventures at Facebook and Instagram. -via Fark ā€‹

(Image credit: Truffles the Kitty

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