This Swan Lives a Double Life

Lola the swan was hatched in a lake in Orlando, Florida. But Lola was the last egg in the nest to hatch, and when the mother and the other cygnets left, she was too young to follow them. If this were a fairy tale, Lola would have joined a family of ducklings and would have been labeled "ugly." At least she would have had a family. Lola's fortunes turned around when a local couple stepped in and volunteered to raise her with the hope of returning her to the lake. That plan didn't work out, and Lola is now a permanent pet. The family had gone above and beyond to give Lola a good life, building her her own house and protected area of the lake to swim in. But Lola prefers to spend her time with her people and the family dog! So Lola, now three years old, spends her days outside and in the lake like a swan, and the evenings inside with her family. She even rides in the car with them! Check out more of Lola at Instagram

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