This Family Of Foxes Is Living In Millennium Park

The residents of Chicago have a new set of wild animals on their turf. A family of foxes has been spotted in Millennium Park. These folks join the piping plovers at their beaches and the chunky turtle along the Chicago River as the guests in the city this spring. 

According to Kathryn Deery, head horticulturist at the park’s Lurie Garden, they just walked right in a few weeks back. “I know where they all hide during the day, but I can’t say,” Deery said. “Everybody loves the babies.”

The family of foxes is composed of two adults and six babies. They can usually be seen roaming around in the park when it is less crowded in the mornings and evenings. The baby foxes, called kits, can be seen wrestling in the garden and playing with their food. Now worry not, as authorities do not want them to leave at all. Deery and her team have partnered up with Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute to ensure they can live in the park. 

They decided to close off one of the garden’s areas with metal fencing during the hours when the family likes to roam. People are allowed to take a glance but are strictly advised to give the animals some space.

Image credit:  Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

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