The Yarncraft Pet Hat Fashion Collection

There's plenty of winter left, so keep your pet's noggin warm and toasty with a knitted or crocheted hat! Or you can tell yourself that's why you'd want to buy your cat or dog a hat. The real reason is because it's so darn funny, especially with all the weird hats you can purchase from Etsy craftspeople. The hat above will have you ready for taking Instagram pictures ahead of St. Patricks Day. Get it at RoxanneDearArtworks, sized for cats or a small dog. You should also check out their Brunhilde costume

This stylish wizard hat comes complete with ear holes, which only work if your cat is as easygoing as this model. Available from CatsInHatsShop

But if it's just laughs you're going for, you can't beat this Cthulhu dog cap from LuckyFoxKnits. This one is a knitting pattern, so you'll have to make it yourself, but it will be worth every minute when you walk your terrifying elder god into a party or gathering of geeks. Make it any color you want, possibly to match your own crocheted Cthulhu cap. Guaranteed to keep children away.

See the cutest, funniest, and most stylish knit and crocheted dog and cat hats in a roundup at Sad and Useless. You'll get a kick out of the many chill, annoyed, or sadly resigned models. -via Fark ā€‹

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