The World's Smallest Horse Thinks He's a Dog

A miniature horse trainer from San Diego, California, has adopted a tiny horse with birth abnormalities who was on the verge of being put down by his owners before being placed for adoption. After seeing the horse's tiny little face, Faith Smith immediately called the owners, adopted him, rented a van, and drove across the country to bring him home.

Peabody is the name she gave the tiny horse, who is now 6 months old and stands at only 16.5 inches tall, making him the world's smallest horse. It took Peabody some time to adapt to everyone, but once he was comfortable in and properly cared for, they realized that he wasn't blind at all, that his jaw had aligned perfectly, and that he could feed normally.

“Now that he knows where his next meal is coming from,” Faith said to People Magazine, “he's starting to play with the dogs more and has let his guard down.” “He's thinking now that maybe he'll be taken care of in such a way that he'll live.”

He can't live with other horses because he's still little. Faith's family and her French bulldogs now live with Peabody inside her home. They're trying to teach him to pee on training pads whenever he needs to, and they're hoping he'll grow big enough to live with other horses and outside. Faith, on the other hand, is willing to keep him inside if that isn't possible.

Images and Videos by: Faith Smith

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