The 25th Annual Squishing of the Squash

You know we've reached peak autumn when the Oregon Zoo holds their annual Squishing of the Squash! The event has been held every year for 25 years now, when the zoo's elephants get a treat of a truckload of giant pumpkins. It's both an enrichment activity and a nutritious lunch- first they destroy, then they enjoy. It's also a treat for zoo visitors, who get to see giant animals destroying giant pumpkins.

The squash to be squished were provided by gardener Larry Nelson and his daughter Amanda Gilmour. they grow giant pumpkins for fun, and these pumpkins weighed between 500 and 700 pounds! Not big enough to win competitions, but plenty for the zoo. Elephants weren't the only animals who got pumpkins. Watch the zoo's rhinos tear into them.

A good time was had by all.

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