Tamarack the Bear Seen Playing with a Toy Bear in the Wild

Last year, Tamarack the Bear won the hearts of Tahoe residents after news of his rescue from the Tamarack wildfire made the rounds. The cub was severely burned during the fire and his subsequent recovery process was monitored by many sympathizers. 

Later on, Tamarack - so named by his rescuers - escaped back into the wild with his bandages intact, never to be seen again. Until June this year. 

The cub was spotted in a video captured by Tahoe Toogee, a South Lake Tahoe bear sighting Instagram account. He was seen playing with a toy bear in a South Lake Tahoe creek. After a devastating fire destroyed his home last year, it’s really great to see the cub having the time of his life again.

Image: Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care

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