Special Needs Cat is a Hero to Foster Kittens

ā€‹Open Arms Animal Shelter in Louisa, Kentucky, received a cat and five kittens in 2013. They went home with Beverly Pack, a volunteer foster mom for the shelter. She named the mother Tennessee and the five kittens Elvis, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, Gracie, and Memphis. Elvis is appropriately clad in a coat of black velvet fur. Elvis and Priscilla were eventually diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, also called wobbly cat syndrome. It's a condition that affects a cat's balance and they will tend to fall. It's not painful or life-threatening, but it will classify a cat as "special needs." Pack decided to permanently adopt Elvis and Priscilla.

Pack has since taken in hundreds of kittens to foster, and Elvis helps. He has proven to be a willing and affectionate foster father to so many kittens over the years. Any time a new kitten comes, Elvis will clean and groom their fur, and cuddle them as they sleep. He will even pin down a kitten to make sure its ears get cleaned. Elvis was so devoted to the kittens that he won an award from the Arm & Hammer Feline Generous program! The award came with a year's supply of cat litter and a $10,000 donation to the perennially cash strapped shelter. Read more about Elvis and his foster kittens at Today. -via Fark 

(Image credit: Arm & Hammer Feline Generous)

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