"Show Us Your Cats!" -- The Walking Tour

ā€‹Lowery East Side is a residential neighborhood in Minneapolis commonly known as the Wedge due to its wedge-like shape. In addition to its 9,300 human inhabitants, there are many cats. So it occurred to John Edwards, the publisher of The Wedge Times-Picayune, to conduct a walking tour of the local feline population.

Only a dozen people attended the first cat tour seven years ago. But the Washington Post reports that on June 26 of this year, about 500 people attended the two mile walk with signs saying "Show Us Your Cats" and asking residents to display their cats for the audience's viewing pleasure.

The crowd planned 22 stops along the one hour tour, although they did notice additional cats along the way. Many of the human caretakers and apparently some of the cats enjoyed it, too.

-via Ann Althouseā€‹

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