Rescued Fox Kits Meet the Older Foxes

ā€‹SaveAFox Rescue took in a group of young fox kits from a rescue operation at a fur farm. Some will be staying there permanently, while others will be sent to various fox shelters across the country. They recently introduced the kits to the other foxes in their playground enclosure. The most famous foxes, Finnegan and Dixie, didn't want to have anything to do with the kits. You can see that video and others at Laughing Squid. But the female foxes Floofala and Serafina were more friendly, and appear to have become instant foster mothers! The kit in the video was ecstatic to meet the older foxes and have a big yard with grass to run and play in. It wasn't long before they were all having fun together.

SaveAFox tells us that the kit in the video has no tail because it's common for fox mothers under stress (such as those on a fur farm) to over-groom their young until they've completely bitten the kit's tail off. But the future looks bright now for this batch of youngsters! You can see more of these foxes and kits at Facebook

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