Rescued Beaver is Part of the Family

Tulip the beaver was a mere pup when she was found wandering and sick at a construction site in Mississippi. But she lucked out by going home with Mississippi State University professor Holley Muraco, who heads the organization Rescue Beavers. Muraco nursed little Tulip back to health and gives her plenty of food, love, and security, while letting her beaver instincts come out- like her natural building behavior. Tulip will use anything she can find around the house to start building dams, like her collection of toys! The Muraco family has several rescue beavers to help Tulip learn to socialize with her own kind, and she is scheduled to be released into her natural environment when she's ready. Meanwhile, Tulip has been the subject of science papers about the physiology and behavior of beavers. What we learn from her may help other beavers survive and thrive. You can keep up with Tulip and the other beavers in the Muraco household at YouTube and Instagram. These are happy beavers!

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