Polar Bears Find a Cozy Home

The children's story Goldilocks opens with a whimsical vision of a bear family living in a cottage and eating at a table just like people. Now we have photographic evidence of what kind of bears they were- they were polar bears!

Wrangel Island, in the Chukchi Sea between Russia and Alaska, is famously the last place where woolly mammoths lived before they died out 6,000 years ago. Now it is a nature preserve and known for its polar bears. So photographer Dmitry Kokh sailed there to photograph bears. But he found no bears! However, as the crew passed Kolyuchin Island, they saw the polar bears.

What's more, the polar bears were living in an abandoned weather station that had ceased operations in the 1990s. The bears found the island a perfect place- shelter from the elements, and no pesky park rangers or photographers to bother them. However, they didn't seem to mind Kokh taking their pictures, and even seemed to pose for some of them.

See more pictures of the homestead polar bears of Kolyuchin Island and read the story behind them at PetaPixel. -via Fark

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