Parrot Steals Family's GoPro at a National Park and Film its Getaway Flight

There was an opportunity, and this mischievous parrot took it! 

A family was hiking on the Kepler Track in New Zealand when a group of parrots native to the region joined them. The kea is known for its curious and mischievous nature. In addition, it is notorious for swiping wallets, jewelry, packed lunches, windscreen wipers, and other valuables. So it was not surprising that one of them snatched the family’s GoPro, which was there to film the birds. 

The footage from the GoPro showed the escape of the sneaky avian, as well as its landing and a frenzied attack on the camera. According to Alex Verheul, they followed the sound of the birds to obtain the GoPro. The parrot abandoned the camera after hearing the family approach their location. “My son decided to go check the rocks where it looked like a good place for a bird to land, and there it was still sitting there, still filming,” Verhuel said.

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